Problem With Tucson Concrete Shortage in 2024?

If you are looking to have a concrete contractor, install some concrete on your property, you may have heard about the Tucson concrete shortage. Tucson has been a hot real estate market for decades and this has not slowed down even with the pandemic. Most construction materials got higher in demand and there have been shortages of construction materials, cement and concrete ready to pour. In a past article, we discussed how this has affected Tucson’s concrete prices. In this article, we discuss the Tucson concrete shortage and, if we expect this, to continue in 2024.

Will the world run out of concrete?

Concrete is one of the most common building materials in the world because it is strong and inexpensive. However, there are finite amounts of sand and gravel available, so it’s possible that we will eventually run out of concrete. But it seems highly unlikely since the world is so large and so much has yet to be mined. There is some pressure for the construction industry to find more environmentally conscious materials, and cement is no exception. There are alternatives to concrete, but they are much more expensive and would increase construction costs very much, without adding vital benefits.

What is causing the concrete shortage?

The concrete shortage in the United States is being caused by several factors. First, the demand for concrete has been growing because of a growing USA population and the need for new infrastructure. There is a renewed interest in repairing aging bridges, tunnels and buildings. Second, the availability of concrete has decreased as the production of cement decreases. So the result of all that is, the cost of concrete is increasing as the demand outpaces the supply. And commercial buyers will pay more to ensure that they can get the concrete their projects require even at elevated costs.

Why is there a cement shortage 2022?

There was a period when it was difficult to impossible to have workers go to factories and produce cement and other raw materials. Then there were construction projects on hold but not canceled. This created a lot of built-up demand. Then inflation and raising diesel costs created more cost to produce concrete. But with high new home construction nationwide used a lot of concrete in 2020 and 2021. There was a shortage of concrete going into 2022. Even with some regional factories coming back online, there was a shortage for most of 2022. There is another cement kiln coming online in late 2022. We will see how much this will lower the concrete shortage in Tucson.

Why is there a Tucson Concrete Shortage in 2022?

It’s no secret that there has not been enough concrete for demand. In fact, in 2022, there is a global cement shortage. Some cement manufacturers shut down lines for maintenance. And many concrete contractors have been getting only an allocation of the concrete they need. There have been waiting times as well. In April 2022, concrete contractors are reporting waiting 2 weeks to get concrete ready to install delivered in Tucson. 

Why is it hard to get concrete right now?

It’s no secret that the construction industry has taken a hit in recent years. The global recession has caused a slowdown in building projects, which has led to a Tucson concrete shortage. This shortage has driven up the cost of concrete, making it difficult for people to buy it right now. There have been new cement kilns coming online in the past few years. And concrete can be made in basically any country, unlike many other building materials.

Is there a shortage of building materials 2024?

Some experts say that there may be a shortage of building materials during the year 2023. This is because of the increasing popularity of eco-friendly and sustainable construction methods, which often require more specialized materials. There was hidden demand during the pandemic and multiple supply chain issues. These are lessening and more people return to work in person. And the higher mortgage rates are reducing new housing starts and home improvement loans on equity.

How to Fix the Concrete Shortage Problem

Cement is used in everything from construction to manufacturing, and with the population growing, the demand for this essential material is only going to increase. 

So what’s causing the cement shortage?

There are several factors at play: lack of innovation in the cement industry, an aging workforce, and increased environmental regulations. But perhaps the biggest reason is simply that too many people are using it. 

What can be done to avert the Tucson Concrete shortage?

Some experts suggest investing in new technology to make cement production more efficient. Others say we need to find alternative materials that can take their place. Whatever route we choose, it’s clear that something needs to be done before we run out of cement completely.

This problem seems to correct itself with increased production coming online that can deliver raw materials to Pima County, Arizona. There are 2 new kilns coming online that will produce cement that can help alleviate the Tucson Concrete Shortage.

Will the Tucson Concrete Shortage Continue in 2024?

Even before the pandemic, there was a Tucson concrete shortage. This is because the demand for concrete was high and supply was limited. Lots of people were building new houses and improving existing properties. Tucson was quickly growing and concrete demand in Arizona was among the highest in the nation. The concrete shortage is correcting itself with more companies producing tons of raw materials like cement. The halving of new home construction is also likely to reduce the Tucson concrete shortage in 2023. 

Conclusion of Tucson Concrete Shortage Article

It seems like the worst of the Tucson concrete shortage is over. That is good as there are still people that are looking to improve their homes with a new concrete driveway, concrete patio, or replacing broken concrete sidewalks. The real estate market was causing a lot of shortages over the past 5 years. Then some concrete factories put more production online so they can ship the raw materials to Arizona. So contact us today to get a free quote on your concrete project.